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by Sable Stone

Release Date: 09/15/11
Genre: GLBT
Publisher: STAR Books Press
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Author Page: Sable Stone
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Muscles can entice when they endanger.

Mark, a fraternity football star, struts out of a strip club riding high. Nick leaves a gay bar feeling low and lonely. When the men meet in an alley, Mark knocks Nick to the asphalt, wielding a baseball bat to break half the bones of the body beneath him.

Nick survives and discovers the body’s curious truth: a broken bone will mend stronger than it was before. Feeling intrepid and invincible, Nick dares himself to enjoy sexual conquests that were mere fantasies before the assault. Satisfied only when he remembers Mark’s menacing muscles, Nick begins breaking the rest of his bones to fully heal into the kind of man he always wanted – and wanted to be.

Mark, instead, is destroyed, his cocky quarterback conviction defeated both on the playing field and in bed. Distracted when the snap of a hiked ball reminds him of cracking Nick’s bones, Mark breaks his throwing arm. As the fracture heals, Mark’s resolve to find Nick strengthens, but Mark can't decide if he should plead for forgiveness or finish him off.

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