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Unexpected Mr. Right
by Kelley Nyrae

Release Date: 01/17/09
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Parker Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 6.00
Author Page: Kelley Nyrae
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Book Two in Friday's at Luciano's series.

Since Tabitha Harris was a child, she’d dreamed about finding her true love.  Instead, she usually ended up with a broken heart.  The familiarity with such men helped her keep her distance from the handsome and available Nico Valenti.  The man had “heartbreaker” written all over him and she didn’t want to waste her time or her heart.  Tabby was a new woman.

Nico can’t get Tabby out of his mind. Sure, he loved women, loved them all, as often as he could, but he’d never met one that held his interest for long.  He had to spend more time with her, even if it was on her terms of a “no sex” relationship. 

So, how does a one-night-stand kind of man get to know a woman of changed interests?  Can Tabby and Nico meet in the middle long enough to get to know each other, let alone give their newfound feeling a chance?

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