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Bondage Becomes Her
by David Jewell

Release Date: 11/01/12
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 0
Publisher: Renaissance E-Books
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Author Page: David Jewell

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After seven years of marriage, Darren Johanson was bored and frustrated.  He felt stifled in a routine, vanilla relationship while the dominant nature that he had discovered in his business life was nagging at him to make some changes.  While working out at the local health club, Darren came to know an exciting female with some novel ideas.  “Mistress” Lynn befriended him and introduced him into a realm of intense sexuality that he was anxious to embrace.  He proved himself an eager and adept student, who was a natural dominant.  He demonstrated an excellent ability to be creative in terms of satisfying the many facets of his dominant needs.  Together, they planned to turn his fantasies into reality. Darren’s wife, Judith, saw nothing wrong with their married life.  She was completely unaware of her husband’s emerging dominate persona.  She was very straight-laced and believed that anything kinky was just not right.  She had no idea of the changes that were about take place in her life.

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