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The Law -- Book Four -- The Men of Sanctuary Series
by Danica St. Como

Release Date: 11/06/12
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 211
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-60592-004-7 6.00
Author Page: Danica St. Como
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Game warden Abigail O'Connell and Glennon Garrett, security & surveillance expert, fall hard for each

other while working a protection detail at Sanctuary lodge in the backwoods of western Maine. After the

crisis ends, there's no reason to remain hands off. The hot sex commences, even with Glennon's

shattered leg in a cast and ruined shoulder in a sling.

When handsome Deputy Joe Collins uses the house key Abigail gave him, he catches Abigail and

Glennon naked in her bed in a rather compromising position—several positions, actually.

Abigail and Joe are best friends, buddies--and they made a sacred pact never to hit on each other.

Breaking free of her self-imposed celibacy, Abigail is suddenly racking up hot wild sex with buff, muscled,

overly macho Glennon, former Marine RECON.

Joe is torn between jealousy over Abigail's leap from sexual famine to sensual feast and his unexpected

attraction to Garrett.

When the three get rip-roaring toasted during a straight tequila night, Jose Cuervo flies and inhibitions


As their past experiences are raised from the dead, how will the two men react to each other—and to

Abigail—in the harsh light of day?Who is the stalker in their midst who can reveal their most intimate

secrets and ruin their lives?

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