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Fortune's Bastard
by Gil Cole

Release Date: 03/07/13
Genre: GLBT Historical
Pages: 250
Publisher: Chelsea Station Editions
Format ISBN Price
PDF 978-1-937627-01-0 9.99
EPUB 978-1-937627-46-1 9.99
Print 978-1-937627-01-0 18.00
Kindle 9.99
Author Page: Gil Cole

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A delightful, swashbuckling adventure of lust, learning, and love.

Escaping the religious hysteria of Renaissance Florence, young Antonio leaves his family and fate behind to find a better life. Misfortune, betrayals, friendships, and favors toss him around the Mediterranean as he makes his way as a pirate, an itinerant actor, and a fugitive before becoming a notable merchant of Venice. Inspired by Shakespeare, author Gil Cole reimagines Antonio as someone different of his timea man who openly desires the love of another man.

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