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Kidnapped & Disciplined
by Arabella Kingsley

Release Date: 06/06/13
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Pages: 75
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781605924519 3.90
Author Page: Arabella Kingsley
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Lady Dashwood is kidnapped on horseback by the wickedly handsome Lord Ramsay. Her kidnapper means to hold Pamela for ransom to force her brother into returning Ramsay’s infirm sister, whom he tricked into marriage.


If Andrew does not return Lord Ramsay’s sister, then Pamela will be given to the scandalous Lord Simon in a bride sale for revenge.


Unexpectedly,Lord Ramsay finds himself determined to possess the feisty, beautiful heiress.But Pamela is defiant and equally determined to quench her burning desire for her abductor.


Unaccustomed to not having his way, Lord Ramsay administers a healthy dose of bare-bottom spanking to his charge and discovers she is more than willing to submit to his mastery.

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