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Desperately Seeking Suzanna (Tricks of the Ton #2)
by Elizabeth Michels

Release Date: 03/04/14
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 352
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
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Author Page: Elizabeth Michels

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Holden Ellis, Lord Steelings is a charming rake and the life of every party. He always has a joke to tell and a smile on his face, only his jovial nature is hiding something that would tear his life apart—a distasteful family secret. 

Sue Greene has never been noticed. As the older sister of an exotic beauty, she’s spent her life being pushed to the side. Therefore, when she has the chance to invent a lady named Suzanna and attend a masquerade ball for one night, she seizes the opportunity. If she had only known donning that mask would change her life… For, at the ball she meets Holden.

Holden and Suzanna have an enchanted evening together, but when the woman of his dreams disappears, Holden is determined to find her. He tracks her through ballrooms across London, always finding Sue in her place. Disappointed, he tries to pry information from Sue about her friend, which she deflects and side steps at every turn, all the while falling more and more for this man who is constantly in her path. As their friendship grows into something deeper, Sue realizes she is worthy of more than her mediocre existence in the shadow of her sister—maybe even love. But, by the time Holden discovers Sue is the Suzanna he’s been searching for, Sue falls into the hands of a murderer. 

With Sue’s life in danger, will Holden choose to tell his friends of his family secret to gain their help? Or will he risk losing her all over again?

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