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Sword of Fate
by Richard C. White

Release Date: 12/26/14
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 41
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-61937-630-4 1.99
Author Page: Richard C. White
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I always knew this day would come.

After years of tracking down rumors and clues, I finally have caught up with my old fiancee. However, there's not going to be anything romantic about this reunion. Especially since she's enlisted the aid of a band of mercenaries, a powerful sorcerer, and an ancient being of pure malevolence to help her destroy everything and everyone I love.

Me? I've got a few allies of my own----a shield maiden, a shape changer, and a smart-aleck snow demon. Oh, and I have a mystic sword that's almost guaranteed to kill me the first time I use it.

Most people would say the odds were not on my side.  

I'd say it's a pretty typical day.

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