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Cape Seduction
by Pam Ripling

Release Date: 05/09/14
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 323
Publisher: Beacon Street Books
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-1-59080-678-4 13.99
Kindle B00K984BVW 2.99
Author Page: Pam Ripling
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After being the backdrop for 1948’s critically acclaimed tragic romance, Cape Seduction, Northern California’s Dragon Rock Lighthouse was shuttered and abandoned for decades—and was the last place up-and-coming Hollywood starlet Darla Foster was seen alive. When photojournalist Rebecca Burke locks horns with Los Angeles attorney Matt Farralone while trying to gain access to the derelict off-shore beacon, she encounters the spirit of the sassy, once-promising Oscar-hopeful Foster, and uncovers a 60-year-old secret that sets her world on end. Told in time periods alternating between 1948 and 2008, CAPE SEDUCTION includes paranormal (ghostly) elements.

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