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Educating Rena
by Maggie McCullough

Release Date: 02/13/15
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 21
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-68009-083-3 0.99
Author Page: Maggie McCullough
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Learning is not always found in books.

What does a girl do when the guy she loves is also the guy every girl in school chases? Serena Ramirez retreated to her beloved books for romance and adventure. Heading to Chicago for college seemed a good idea at the time. Now, a decade later, she isn't so sure. The few sexual relationships she's had haven't measured up.

Why? Her heart is still in Wyoming.

Serena is a woman on a mission. She is flying back to Cheyenne for her ten year high school reunion. For one reason find Scott Matthews. Serena is convinced Scott is the man who can give her the sexual satisfaction no other man has.

She's not a shy teenager now. It's game on. No more hiding behind her books.

Scott won't know what hit him. Serena has a bold proposition. Will he rise to the challenge?

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