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A Shoe's Tale
by Trisha M. Wilson

Release Date: 06/15/15
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 66
Publisher: Serial Fiction
Format ISBN Price
Kindle 2.99
Author Page: Trisha M. Wilson
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Not your childhood Cinderella.

Louella hates her stepfamily and would gleefully kill them if given the chance. However, having survived her attacks, her stepfamily has chained her up, preventing her from murdering them in their sleep. Louella is a prisoner in her own home and nobody will help her.

At least not until she meets Henry, Prince Ramsey’s cook. The prince needs shoes for the ball and Louella’s stepfamily are shoemakers. The prince also needs Henry to cook meals for him wherever he goes.

Henry and Louella strike up a conversation and slowly a friendship builds. But with Louella in chains and Henry unable to free her, how will their budding friendship, and possible romance, become anything more?

The night of the ball reveals all...are you ready?

This is a short story, 18,200 words long.

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