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Amanda's Love
by Trisha M. Wilson

Release Date: 06/15/15
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 47
Publisher: Serial Fiction
Format ISBN Price
Kindle 2.99
Author Page: Trisha M. Wilson
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Amanda loves Barry. From the moment she first saw Barry, she knew their love would transcend the ages. Nothing would keep them apart, not even the fact that Barry was a biological and Amanda was not. They would find a way to make their love work.

But then the trollop, Sydney, entered into picture, putting her man stealing hands all over Amanda’s love.

Amanda wasn’t going to take that lying down. She and Barry were meant for each other and nobody would get between them, especially not this streetwalker.

Amanda needs Sydney out of the way, permanently, but what happens when Amanda’s plans for murder go sideways?

This is a short story, 12,500 words long.

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