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Separate Ways
by Laura Harner

Release Date: 08/01/15
Genre: GLBT Suspense
Pages: 781
Publisher: Hot Corner Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-941841-27-3 7.97
Author Page: Laura Harner
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A $12.97 Value Bundle!! Now available as a complete set for the first time ever! This is a compilation of the entire Separate Ways series and includes four full novels:

Continental Divide - Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. A secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing hot mutual distraction. What have Detective Remington and Lord Jamie Mainwaring gotten themselves involved in? 

Oceans Apart - Jamie and Remy have gone their separate ways, but another case brings them—along with their new partners—into an unexpected alliance. When murder connects the dots between their two cases, the four men must learn to work together as relationships and loyalties are tested amid misunderstandings and memories on the high seas. 

Moving Mountains - When everything in Jamie's world falls apart, he turns to his best friend and former lover for support. When Remy is dragged into a mystery surrounding the murder of his former boss, Jamie is left to solve a differnt type of problem with Remy's partner Miggy. While Remy returns to his police department roots to track down a killer, Miggy and Jamie team up to find the bones from Miggy’s past and bury them once and for all.

Prevailing Winds - Although Jamie and Remy once excelled at mixing business with pleasure—the stakes are much higher this time—they’ve got forever on the line. When they discover Jamie’s new case has an unexpected connection to Remy’s adopted son, they must put everything aside to find Toby before the young man makes a decision that will change all their lives. One thing is positive, time is running out.

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